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Hiring Conservation Specialist

Location: Billings, Montana

Position Type: Full-time; Salaried, Exempt

Application Process:

  • Submit a cover letter & resume in a single PDF file by email to

  • Professional references are not required in the initial stage of application process

  • Applications accepted starting Sept. 1st; position will remain open until filled

  • Preferred target start date is April 1st, 2024

Job Summary:

The Bighorn River Alliance (BHRA) seeks a Conservation Specialist to join its grassroots, nonprofit team to perform duties related to the function, execution, and growth of the BHRA Research Initiative program (RI). The Conservation Specialist will work closely with the BHRA Research Chair, contractors, and volunteers to become well acquainted with current RI work programs, and learn the skills needed pertaining to data collection, equipment upkeep, monitoring efforts, and data entry/analysis to assume duties currently performed by contractors and volunteers. Applicants should be highly motivated individuals, with exceptional critical thinking skills and should have an interest/focus in the environmental sciences and the outdoors; have great interest in learning various methods of monitoring, with great attention to implementing proper execution of various monitoring techniques; have excellent communication skills; be able to work well alongside others; be physically able to work independently outside and in the river; have a valid driver’s license; be flexible to work on an array of projects; be comfortable learning and implementing various monitoring/data collection techniques, and have database organization and analysis skills. The Conservation Specialist will work closely with the BHRA Research Chair and Executive Director and collaborate with interagency partners, and contractors, interact with the public, and work with staff, board members and volunteers within BHRA.

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