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For You We Give Thanks

Despite the struggles and trials our society has experienced over the past couple of years, the ambience of the holiday season brings a sense of peace into our daily lives that stems from purposeful work and shared gratitude. It is the time of year to reflect upon the places, people and issues that are important to us, and give thanks to efforts that unite us.

I personally want to thank you, our valued supporters, for supporting the Bighorn River Alliance. Because of you, we have not only remained active in protecting a river that is important to you, but have also been reminded that the care of rivers is not just a question of rivers, but of shared human experience.

The Bighorn offers much to our experience. It serves as a place to reconnect with old friends, a place to find refuge from the demands of life, and a place to connect with memories shared with those no longer with us.

The Bighorn River facilitates personal connection - and the BHRA works to preserve that connection through conservation.

As we celebrate this day of thanks, we are grateful for the many personal experiences that connect us together in joint benefit for the river. We thank you for making us capable of protecting a resource that is of personal importance to you.

We hope you consider helping us close the fiscal year in strong form through support of our year-end appeals. Both #GivingTuesday and the Year-End-Raffle (which will be mailed after Thanksgiving) are important funding sources that will determine our work scope moving into 2022. We hope you can help us make these efforts a success! The Bighorn River Alliance is a direct reflection of your concern and passion for the Bighorn River. The communal support shown for the Bighorn River, our work to protect it, and each other has united and strengthened us. We so grateful for you.

Anne Marie Emery

Executive Director


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