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The BHRA strongly believes in cultivating connections between Crow tribal youth and the Bighorn River to foster shared respect for the Bighorn River.  Our tribal outreach programs work to include youth in the recreational benefits of their local rivers, while also helping them become stewards of the resource.  

Tenkara with the Tribe
Since 2016, the Alliance has partnered with Yvon Chouinard and Patagonia to increase participation with the Crow tribe through “Tenkara with the Tribe,” a fishing program that introduces youth to fly fishing as positive form of recreation within Crow reservation boundaries.  Alternating between fishing the Little Bighorn River and the Bighorn River main, the Alliance works to engage youth in fishing while also helping instill conservation values and respect for the resource. 

Guardians in the Classroom
The BHRA is a proud co-creator and partner of the Crow program “Guardians in the Classroom,” a program that implements placed based education themes into state required science-based curriculums pertaining to Bighorn watershed health.  Through this program, BHRA staff, advisors and program partners visit fifth grade classrooms within the reservation to help enhance student learning through interactive, place based activities and field trips in hopes that students will have a better understanding of their watershed and their role as “agents of change” for the resource. 

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