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November Current Conditions & Yellowtail Dam Operations

The water-year is off to a good start with precipitation and snow water equivalents ranging at, or just below the median for Bighorn Basin (see black line on below graphs). Winter flows (November - March) for the Bighorn River (MT) have been set at 2,410cfs, which is higher than the 2021 release rate, and 98% of the 30-year average winter release rate. Winter flows are critical for the over-wintering survival of newly hatched, or age-0 (think 50-75mm) wild trout who depend on bank and side channel habitat to conceal in over the winter months. BHRA works with MFWP and USBR to advocate for winter flow releases that support the Wild Trout fishery based off of end of season storage capacity, current precipitation/snowpack and forecasts.

Current Conditions (2022 11 08)
Download PDF • 266KB

Yellowtail Monthly Plan (November 2022)
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