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Season Opener Meeting

Join BHRA and managers of the Bighorn River resource to learn about current and upcoming projects and projections for the Bighorn River and its trout fishery. The meeting will be held at the Bighorn Baptist Church in Fort Smith on Tuesday, April 30th from 5:00pm - 6:30pm with pizza and drinks provided.

SPEAKERS: Clayton Jordan is the Supervisor of Reservoir and River Operations for the Bureau of Reclamation, Montana Area Office. Clayton received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State University in 1998 and started with Reclamation in Casper, Wyoming. He has been in Reclamation’s Montana Area Office in Billings, Montana since 2003 and supervises the Reservoir and River Operations Group. Clayton will be presenting on water management and flow outlooks for the river.


Mike Sanctuary is a Principal and Stream Restoration Specialist at Confluence Consulting in Bozeman, MT. Mike has been providing expertise in design, permitting, and implementation of aquatic habitat projects primarily in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming for the past 21 years. As a Senior Project Manager at Confluence, Mike coordinates with engineers, botanists, aquatic ecologists, geomorphologists, and excavation operators to create stable and functional streams, rivers, riparian corridors, and floodplains. In 2021, Mike began working with the Bighorn River Alliance and Karin Boyd to prioritize side channel restoration opportunities and has been involved in the design, permitting, and construction phases of this exciting project. Tonight, Mike will be present the design approaches to improving Bighorn side channel connectivity; discuss components of the monitoring plan underway to document the success and function of the restored channels; and provide an update on the channels scheduled for completion in 2024.


Demi Blythe joined MFWP in 2022 as the Billings area Fisheries Biologist. Originally from Billings, she earned her graduate degree from Utah State University. She is multifaceted as a quantitative river powerhouse with specialties in evaluating fish assemblages (and associated habitats) and in fish sampling methods. Demi spends her spare time with her family recreating outdoors and will be presenting on Bighorn River population estimates, biannual angler surveys, and upcoming projects – specifically a roving creel survey and the BHRA side channel work.





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