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A #GivingTuesday Record for Bighorn Conservation

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Acknowledging the donors who made #GivingTuesday a success.

A ten-year-old girl from Colorado. An angler released from the hospital after a battle with COVID-19. Memorials given in names of friends lost. Bighorn shops, outfitters, and guides. Friends rallying friends & family. 149 individuals from 41 states. Donations from $5 up to $1000. No matching gifts, no incentives, no prizes- giving fueled by pure grassroot efforts and love for the Bighorn.

We want to thank you for making this online day of giving a huge success for the Bighorn River Alliance. From your contributions, we raised $18,600.00 for the Bighorn River- a #GivingTuesday record for our organization!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue working for the protection of a river that is important to you during such a challenging year. Because of you, we remain active, without pause, in protecting a river that is important to you, while also being reminded that the care of rivers is not just a question of rivers, but also of the human experience.

The communal support shown for the Bighorn River, our work to protect it, and each other, has united and strengthened us. These, and you, are the positives we choose to focus on while anxiously anticipating your safe return to a healthy Bighorn River.

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