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August Wild Trout of the Bighorn

The Bighorn River burst to life with remarkable dry fly hatches combined with periods of excellent nymphing. The size and condition of the wild trout is spectacular, and the river has remained clear and wadable, a contrast to recent years past. While we are aware that many of you were unable to make it out to the Bighorn River to fish this year, we thought we would brighten your inbox by working with your Bighorn guides, shops and lodges to showcase the health of the wild trout caught this past month. We miss you and hopes this August recap provides you with a moment of joy.

Healthy trout represent healthy waters, which is the foundation for which the Bighorn River Alliance strives. While our involvement in water management has helped keep the River at trout suitable flows during this low flow water year, we continue to amplify and expand our efforts by building upon the BHRA Research Initiative program - work that would not be possible without you, our valued members and a River that is worthy of the greatest protections.


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