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River Clean Up Day on the Bighorn

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Location: Three Mile Access • Date| May 6 • Time|9 AM to 1 PM • Click Here to Sign up !!

Join The Bighorn River Alliance, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, the National Park Service, and Montana FWP in celebrating Earth Day with stewardship activities on the Bighorn River. Projects include removing fence and wire along the Three Mile Access site, constructing a buck and rail fence, picking up trash along river banks and access sites and distributing river cleanup bags to anglers at the Afterbay and Three Mile boat ramps.

If interested in helping for the day, read the below NPS safety measures and sign up online, or meet at Three Mile River Access on Friday, May 6, 2022 where we will be working from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Teams will be formed and projects tackled.

After the clean up Bighorn Outpost will be serving the volunteers burgers and fries at the Outpost. Everyone is encouraged to relax, enjoy the river and do a little fishing.

Project 1: Remove Old Barbed Wire Fence

Along Three Mile Fisherman's access path there is an old barbed wire fence that has, over time, eroded into the river- posing risk to anglers, wildlife and canine friends. With the help of the National Parks Service's fence spooling auger we will work with partners and other NGOs to remove about a miles length of aged fence and transport it to Billings to be recycled. Volunteers are needed to prep sections of fence for the winder using fencing pliers to remove staples and wire connecting the fence to posts. After the barbed wire is removed, metal T-posts will be removed cautiously to prevent any impacts to the land.

Project 2: Build New Buck and Rail Fence

After the old fence is removed a new, small buck and rail fence will be constructed and placed along a small section of the river, where banks are unstable and highly erodible. This fence will encourage folks to enter the river a few steps further downstream, which will held decrease the risk of bank collapse.

Project 3: Pick Up Trash Along the River's Edge

River clean up bags provided by American Rivers will be handed out to anglers and volunteers to pick up trash within the river itself, or along its banks. Volunteers are needed to help hand out bags to anglers at the Afterbay boat ramp, and the Three Mile boat ramp. Dumpsters are located at fishing access sites to dispose of bags when done.

NPS General Safety Considerations:

• Proper personal protective equipment to be worn at all times.

• Maintain proper footing and watch for potholes and uneven surfaces.

• Hydrate

Project Specific Safety Considerations:

• Maintain a safe distance from heavy equipment, (30 ft), when pulling wire.

• Proper personal protective equipment to be worn/have available at all times.

o Leather gloves

o Eye protection

o Ear protection (while operating equipment)

o Long pants

o Long sleeve shirt

o Sunscreen

o Bug/Tic repellant

o Work boots

o Bear Spray

o Water Source

NPS will be manning a First-Aid station near the entrance of the 3-Mile Trail, there will be basic First-Aid supplies, as well as potable water to refill water containers.

Sign Up Today - River Clean Up from 9 am - 1 pm


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