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Eric Finstad

President, A.D. Creative, Billings, MT

With over 39 years of graphic design and business marketing experience, Eric has lead the creative and brand management team of A.D. Creative Group for the past 36 years.

Eric’s work includes marketing and sales strategies, environmental design, cultural insight and trend analysis, brand/corporate identity and design development for leading companies such as ESPN, Anheuser Busch, 10 National Parks and over 65 national and international resort and property developments. Today he oversees 120+ active clients in a multitude of industries. His understanding of how marketing and design affects consumer attitudes leads to defining conceptual ideas, which are executed in advertising as well as design. Eric guides the team at A.D. through developing many significant integrated programs for local, regional, national, and international projects on a daily basis.

As one of the most respected designers and innovative marketers in the industry, Eric’s indisputable talent as a rainmaker transformed A.D. into a creative powerhouse that has won national and international acclaim. Eric led one of the most successful periods in the firm’s history in the late ’90s into 2008, spending 15 years on new tourism and resort development markets.

Resides in:

Billings, MT

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