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August Current Conditions & Yellowtail Dam Operations

While precipitation was below average for most of the Bighorn Basin during July, scattered thunderstorms did provide small areas of the basin with above average precipitation boosting inflows into the reservoir and keeping river flows above what they were last year at this time. Currently, Bighorn River flows are maintaining at 2,500cfs, which is the current standard summer release rate necessitated to achieve an end-of-October reservoir elevation between 3635 and 3640 feet. Under the Yellowtail Dam Operation Plan, it is important to achieve a full pool reservoir by the end of October to provide adequate winter flows that are critical to the survival of juvenile wild trout. More winter flow = more habitat for young trout to conceal in. The current climate outlook shows there is a 33 to 40% chance of precipitation being above average for the month of August, with above normal temperatures favored.

Current Conditions (2022 08 09)
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Yellowtail Monthly Plan (August 2022)
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