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July Current Conditions & Yellowtail Dam Operations

July is off to dry start with abnormally dry conditions persisting in the basin, causing inflows to decrease below average. As a response, Bighorn River releases decreased to 4,500cfs on July 7th, and are currently projected to keep decreasing by 250cfs each day, until river flows reach 2,600cfs on Monday. Flows are expected to remain around 2,600cfs through the month of July based on climate outlook forecasts that are showing above average temperatures and below, or near average precipitation. The good news is that all water is currently being released through the turbines of Yellowtail dam equating to cool, clear, well oxygenated water. Bighorn guides and anglers are reporting excellent fishing conditions and healthy trout, as they anxiously await the arrival of PMD's and Yellow Sallies.

Current Conditions (2020 07 07)
Download PDF • 253KB

Yellowtail Monthly Plan (July 2022)
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