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Meet EXO1 Sonde

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The Bighorn River Alliance is excited to introduce our new Bighorn Water Quality monitoring tool known as the EXO1 Sonde.

The EXO1 Sonde is a multiparameter instrument that collects water quality data using four parameter specific sensors and an integral pressure transducer. The sonde will collect needed data on the health of the River, its tributaries and the Bighorn Reservoir in relation to temperature, dissolved oxygen, algae and turbidity- data that will coincide with the BHRA Research Initiative macroinvertebrate monitoring effort. Beginning in April, the BHRA will collect water quality data on the river and reservoir regularly under the direction of the BHRA Research Initiative’s Bighorn Lake and Bighorn River Water Quality Monitoring Plan with the goal of establishing long-term trends of Bighorn River water quality as well as understanding the effects destratification of the reservoir and Yellowtail dam releases have the downstream resource.


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